hands on skill week 3

This week’s hands on skill will be to declutter/organize/and clean your living room.

Be sure to check with your parent before you begin this task and do not throw anything away without their permission.

Over the next few weeks, depending upon your families social schedule, see if you can invite someone over to practice your hospitality skills on.  Be sure to carefully read through the advice I gave you, remember some good conversation starters, and enjoy your guests. To make this a little more challenging, invite someone whom you don’t normally have over.  This will “force” you to come up with conversations and will teach you about true hospitality as it won’t be a “regular” friend.

Print off pages on the next link to help with these tasks.

Want a challenge??? Take on this room for the month.

These rooms are fairly simple, but do require attention to daily in keeping them up.

living room

want a weekly assessment for your mom???