hands on skill using the food processor

This lesson you will be using your food processor. Let’s go over some safety rules for using the blender.

  1. Be cautious when wearing a tie or loose clothing or jewelry when using a food processor.  Tie long hair back.
  2. Do not put a food processor motor base in water or other liquids.
  3. Keep the food processor and power cord away from stove burners or other sources of heat.
  4. Do not leave a plugged in food processor unattended.
  5. Only use the food processor for the period of time or with the amount and type of ingredients recommended.
  6. Secure the processing bowl in place before attaching the S-blade or slicer/shredder disc.
  8. Always use the food pusher to feed food into the feed chute.  Never use your fingers, knives, spatulas, or other implements to push food into the feeder.
  9. Assure the processing bowl cover is securely locked in place before turning the food processor on.
  10. Always unplug the food processor when cleaning the appliance or after you are done using it.

What are some things you can make in a food processor:

  • make butter with heavy cream
  • turn oats into oat flour
  • grind meat chunks into ground burger
  • turn cookies into cookie crumbs
  • quickly shred potatoes
  • slice potatoes for homemade potato chips
  • grate carrots in seconds
  • make coleslaw in minutes
  • grind almonds, walnuts, or pecans into fine pieces
  • make homemade pie crust without any work
  • make bread crumbs
  • make homemade pesto
  • make pasta dough easily
  • make homemade refried beans
  • make homemade bacon bits
  • grind up leftover turkey and ham for recipes

Today you will using your food processor and making a homemade dip.  You can choose from the following:

homemade hummus

homemade salsa

easy artichoke dip

black bean dip

homemade guacamole

deviled egg dip

refried bean dip

Health and safety tips to observe before:

  • Make sure your hair is pulled back and tie up any loose clothing to avoid catching on anything.
  • Wash your hands and work area to prepare food on beforehand.
  • Gather up all your ingredients before you begin working to ensure they are available.


  • Remember a clean kitchen is important when working in it.  Always put away items after using them to avoid a bigger mess.
  • Wipe down any appliances or food containers BEFORE putting them away.
  • Wash all your utensils and wipe down the kitchen area you were working in soon after to avoid not doing it.