hands on skill—using the blender

This lesson you will be using your blender and making a special drink.  Let’s go over some safety rules for using the blender.

  1. Always put the lid on securely when using.  If you do not put it on, liquids might explode all over, making a mess.
  2. We will be using cold liquids, but if you were to blend hot liquids, be sure to open the lid away from you to avoid any burns from steam.
  3. Never place any utensil in the blender when on.  Items can get caught in the blades and have drastic results.
  4. Don’t use a blender with a frayed cord.  This could potentially be a fire hazard.
  5. If your mixture is seeming to not blend well, add some more liquid to help it.
  6. When you are finished, place a small squirt of dish soap and about one cup of warm water into the blender.  Put on the lid and blend for about 45 seconds.  Rinse the blender and let dry upside down on a towel.  Normally you can unscrew the bottom of the blender to separate the blades from the canister.  Be careful as the blades are extremely sharp.

What are some things you can make in a blender?

  • pancake and waffle mix–this is very easy to mix up in one container–no work!
  • salad dressings–making your own dressings is healthier, cheaper, and easy to make
  • blended soups–an easy way to puree soups
  • quick breads are easy to whip up
  • peanut butter–add a few peanuts, pulse for a few seconds, then scrape down and continue doing this.  You can add some salt if necessary
  • milkshakes are easy to make with ice cream, milk, and fruit
  • dips like hummus, ranch dip, salsa
  • pudding is easy to whip up in the blender

Today you will be required to do a hands on lesson for making a frozen drink.  You can choose from the following:

chocolate monkey milkshake

tropical smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie

breakfast smoothie

peanut butter banana and flax

pumpkin pie smoothie

berry blast

kale apple smoothie

Here are some tips for making smoothies:

  • You can save money by NOT purchasing the prepackaged smoothie packs at the store and MAKING your own.  Freeze individual pieces of fruit on a cookie sheet and when frozen place in a resealable baggie.
  • You can freeze portions of yogurt, by putting them in muffin tins and freezing.  Pop them up into resealable bags.
  • You can add 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds, ground flax seeds, wheat germ, ground flax seeds, or flax seed oil to your smoothies for added nutrition.
  • You can freeze over ripe bananas with the peel on.  Just place in the freezer.  When you need to use, let sit out for a few minutes and then using a vegetable knife you can peel off the skin and place the frozen banana into your smoothie.
  • You can also chop the banana into chunks and freeze on a cookie sheet and then place in bags.

Health and safety tips to observe before:

  • Make sure your hair is pulled back and tie up any loose clothing to avoid catching on anything.
  • Wash your hands and work area to prepare food on beforehand.
  • Gather up all your ingredients before you begin working to ensure they are available.


  • Remember a clean kitchen is important when working in it.  Always put away items after using them to avoid a bigger mess.
  • Wipe down any appliances or food containers BEFORE putting them away.
  • Wash all your utensils and wipe down the kitchen area you were working in soon after to avoid not doing it.

Put all of what you have learned from this unit into action and make a smoothie.  When completed, take the quiz, assessment and then you can move onto the next unit.