hands on skill organizing your room

Hands on task:

You are going to be an effective engineer in designing how your closet and dresser should go together. I know you have completed this task back in the beginning of this book, but it should now be about four months since that time, how is your closet standing?  Do you have areas that need improving?  That is why we are revisiting this topic. Becoming an effective organizer is something that you will find yourself doing over and over again. Your first method may not work 100%, you will find that you missed some areas and that is why you are doing it again.

  • Take everything out of your closet.
  • Get rid of ruined clothing, set aside in a pile, clothing that needs to be mended, and put clothing that you haven’t worn for over a year in a donation bag.
  • Take the clothing that is not worn much and place that in the back of the closet.
  • Place your nicer clothing for church and outings next in the closet, you won’t need these as often.
  • Put everyday clothing right in the front. Organize it according to dresses, skirts, short sleeve top, long sleeve tops, and undershirts. You can also do it according to the colors of the rainbow ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet)
  • If you find that most of your items do not fit, then start weeding out.  Take note of how many undershirts that you NEED and get rid of the rest.  Keep a basic amount.  You can only wear one outfit per day and seven days a week.
  • Put items that are not needed regularly like belts, scarves, etc in containers on top of your closet.
  • Place your shoes on a shoe rack or in a shoe bag on the back of the door.
  • Keep only things that you need to access in your closet, do not keep things that you are just holding on to –because. Place that in a separate area, maybe under the bed or in a storage section of your home.

This week, take note of how effective you have been in designing your clothing arrangement.  Notice how much time you spend trying to decide what to wear.


 Questions to consider:

  • Are there too many choices?
  • Does clothing end up on the floor of the closet each day? Why is that and what can you do to fix that?
  • Is there items that keep getting knocked over when you try and grab daily items?

Fix and redesign it again.  You will do this over and over until you can just walk into your closet, get out an outfit and put it on without wreaking havoc in your closet.

The plan for having a convenient arrangement for keeping things in order needs to be applied to your dresser as well.  When you go to your dresser can you find what you need without looking through every drawer to find it?  If you cannot answer “yes” to this question, then it is time to effectively clean and organize your dresser drawers.

These same principles apply to your dresser, take everything out and then start sorting.

  • Throw out, old, worn out socks, undergarments, and clothing.
  • Place items neatly in drawers, putting everyday items up front and others in the back.