hands on skill making soup

Women have been making soups since the beginning of time.  If you watch old fashioned shows, you usually see the mom stirring up a pot of stew over the fire to feed the family.  For most, this was all that they ate each day.  Soups were made typically with water, meat, and a vegetable, if available.  Most were watered down and didn’t contain any spices.  Today we have many more resources available to make a heartier tasting soup. With the cooler weather, nothing is better than a pot of soup simmering on the back burner of your stove.  Soup is typically inexpensive to make.  You can make a big pot of it early in the morning, and let is simmer on low all day long.  A big pot of it will usually last for a few meals.  It is a very economical thing to know how to do. 

For this unit choose one of the following soups to prepare.  Check through the recipes first to make sure you have all the ingredients that you need to begin cooking.  Many a wives have begun making a meal only to realize half way through that they were out of an ingredient.  Gather them all to your workstation before beginning to avoid this.

hearty chicken and rice soup

tomato soup

sausage, collard green soup

cabbage vegetable soup

cheeseburger soup

potato bacon chowder

chicken noodle soup

taco soup

lentil soup

In these soup recipes you can substitute a few things depending upon what your family buys.  For chicken broth, you can mix up your own by stirring together water and chicken bouillon.  This is a ratio of 1 tsp to 1 cup of water.  You will have to pull out your math skills to figure out how much in comparison to ouncesJ 

For chopped chicken—you can use some from dinner leftovers that you have saved and put into the freezer for a later time.  You can purchase a can of chunked chicken for the ease of it. 

Soups  are one of those meals that you don’t have to worry about being exact on things.  You can substitute items that you don’t have on hand to save money and just improvise.  If you don’t have frozen peas, but do have canned, than use those.  Gather up the fragments that you do have as to not waste the resources that God has given to you. 

When making soup, be careful not to have your burners up too high.  You want to avoid accidentally “burning” your dinner.