hands on skill breakfast

You are going to be making a complete breakfast for this unit.  If it scares you to think that you have to have all this done for breakfast, make it for dinner instead.  We do many “breakfast for dinners” in our home.

Choose one recipe from the following for your grains:


whole wheat pancakes

oven pancakes



baked oatmeal or you can try pumpkin baked oatmeal

whole grain toast with real butter

homemade granola

homemade grape nuts cereal

Then choose a side meat or Eggs for your meal:

Make some turkey bacon,sausage, or canadian bacon.  You can cook this on a griddle, carefully laying out the strips side by side and flipping when crisp.  Or for an easy no mess way—-line a baking sheet with foil and place your meat on top of it.  Bake at 350 if you have more time or 400 if you are pressed for time.  Cook until crisp.  After discovering this way, I will no longer ever cook bacon in a pan to splatter everywhere!!!

scrambled eggs

poached eggs

egg and bacon cups

Lastly, choose from this group:

Fresh, frozen, or canned fruit.

Depending upon where you live, check out the resources for local fresh fruits.  You can serve slices of oranges, a bowl of berries, or a fresh fruit salad.  If you are not able to buy fresh fruit, go for frozen unsweetened next.  You can sweeten it a bit with honey if needed.  As a last option, buy unsweetened canned fruit.

Remember all of your food safety rules for cooking in the kitchen. Refer to unit 1 for reminding.

Remember your personal tips as well.

Did I wash my hands and pull back my hair before starting to cook?

Put on an apron to avoid getting your clothing dirty while cooking?  I didn’t discover this until years after I started cooking and I always had these tiny grease spots on my shirt after splattering them with food.

Gather up all your ingredients beforehand to ensure the proper materials.

Keep your work area clean and neat.  Remember to clean as you go.  If you mix up a big batch of pancakes, while it is cooking, wash out the bowl.  This will help in not having dish overload when you are finished.

Put away any leftovers promptly and leave the kitchen as clean as before you started.

Now let’s take a quiz to see how well you remember.