hands on skill baking cookies

Make sure to check for all of your ingredients before attempting to make these.

Pull your hair back and wash your hands.

Begin with a clean work space and work on maintaining it.

This unit, you will try your hand at baking cookies.  Take all that you have learned about cookie baking and put it to work.  Choose from one of the following recipes:

chocolate chip cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies

easy peanut butter cookies

sugar cookies

chocolate whoopie pies


vanilla butter cut out cookies with frosting

chocolate no bake cookies

fruit filled oatmeal bars–you can use any type of fruit filling

molasses cookies

double chocolate crumble

When cookies are completely cooled you can place them in a plastic container to store on your countertop or put some in the freezer for another time.


Remember that cleaning up your workspace is important.  Washing the dishes in between batches of cookies will ensure that they all get washed.


When you are all finished baking, clean up all your pans and utensils.  Wipe down the counter tops and check the walls for dough that may have “flung” out while mixing.  Sweep the floor to remove any food that may have dropped.  Enjoy your baked goods with a glass of milk. You deserve it!  Baking is hard work!


Great job!  If you accidentally left some in the oven too long and burned them, that is okay too.  Just try and be more persistent and attentive to your duties.