hamburger gravy large family dinner



This is probably a very simple and plain dinner that I remember calling “the gravy train” when I was a child growing up.  But regardless if I didn’t care for it that much my whole family loves this dinner.  It is very simple to make and you can make it to stretch your budget if you need to feed a few extra people for dinner.

What we use for our family of 12 is a 10 lb bag of potatoes, peeled, cooked, mashed with a container of sour cream or homemade yogurt and a little bit of milk.

I then cook a pound of hamburger with some beef bouillon and water.  I don’t have amounts because this meal is all about taste and how much do you need.  If we have many mouths to feed then I fill the pan with lots of water and beef flavoring until it tastes good.  I then boil that for at least an hour.  I will turn it down to a simmer boil but will let it continue to meld its flavors together.

For the thickener of the gravy, depending upon what I have, I usually add potato flakes and whisk it into the beef broth.  But sometimes I am out and will need to use flour or cornstarch.  When I have lots of rice cereal leftover from a baby I like to use that for added nutrition.

We like to serve ours with some canned peas.  A simple but satisfying home cooked meal.

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