girl/boy birthday cake

This was an idea for a cake that I had done years ago. My oldest boy got  a Collin cake for his birthday and I did one for one of the girls as well.  I just never got a picture of it.  Well I did but it is long into the archives of photos.  This allows the freedom to decorate the cake as you please.  For girls we have done licorice for the hair.  For the boys we use coconut dyed.  I have used chocolate candy discs for the eyes.  This cake I used a bottle of black frosting.This is made with one rectangle cake and two circle cakes.  Use two cake mixes.  For the girl, you cut the body shape at a triangle shape.  So it looks like she has a dress on. I hope to do a girl cake for someone’s birthday this year:)  I just used the leftover circle and cut it into a square and made a number 5 for his birthday number.

Maybe it will inspire you to make a ________cake! (You fill in your child’s name:))