getting a job

Getting a job

You may or may not need this section depending upon what your beliefs are about young women working.  You may have to apply for a job one time in your life.  Knowing what to do and the best way to get the job is key.

Most jobs will probably be basic beginner entry jobs.  Even if it is a job at a local fast food restaurant, presentation is key.  If you want to land the job, make yourself presentable, each time you go to the establishment. If you are going to be picking up an application, wear nice clothing.  Think church dress up.  Don’t walk in with jeans and a t-shirts. Most every teen will do that, stand out and be different!  Make it a point to do your hair and keep makeup to a minimal.  If employers can see that you will take the time to look decent, they will realize that you will take the time to do good in their business.

Ask politely for an application to fill out.  Thank them by looking the person in the eyes.  Show attentiveness.  Go home and fill out the application.  Do it neatly.  Make sure you have all your information beforehand so that you don’t write down the wrong information for references, etc.  Put it inside a manila folder to protect it from getting wrinkled.  Take it back as soon as possible to show that you are eager for the position.

Tips for completing application:

  • Write clearly and neatly, using black or blue ink
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors
  • List your most recent job first—if any
  • List your most recent education first—any training classes you may have taken.
  • References do not have to be professional—use your teachers or if you have volunteered use a contact from that. Ask before you put someone’s name down.
  • Don’t forget to sign your application