Freezing eggs for baking….is it possible???

Can you actually FREEZE eggs and use them at a later date????  Well before we moved we had about 20 dozen eggs stored in a cooler to use up before we made the trek to our new home.

We ate eggs at almost every meal, I was determined to make us sick of fresh eggs, because I knew once we moved, we would have to find a source for eggs and that would probably be awhile we would probably have to resort to—–do I dare say it????  store bought chicken eggs!!!  I know gross, and we have had them since and I am ever so grateful for the good, rich, wholesome non bleaching looking eggs that we once had.  In time, God will provide.

IMG_20141023_174250Well, we ate eggs, for many of our meals.  Then I decided we have to try freezing these eggs to bring with us and use in baking items.  I have read on the internet where you could do it but have not personally done it, until now.

IMG_20141023_174502I started out by cracking them into a mixing bowl and beating them before we poured them into the ice containers.  I would say that each cube holds about 1 1/2 eggs.

IMG_20141023_175001I put them in the freezer and let them freeze.

IMG_20141024_230914I found that if I let them partially thaw, it was much easier to pop them out of the ice cube trays.  I used a fork and slipped it into one side of the tray and flicked it upward to remove the cube.  They didn’t come out like an ice cube would but I just took the time to “flick” them out.

I put them in freezer bags and stuck them in the back of my freezers.  I traveled with them 700 miles and it was cool.  We arrived 20 hours later and did not plug it in until around 30 hours.  Everything stayed frozen solid.

My daughters have since done baking by making brownies and we thawed the cubes before mixing them and noticed no difference. I look forward towards using my “baking eggs” over the next few months.

Try it, a great way to use up leftover eggs!!!!

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  1. Have you tried to just scramble them? Vie also read that you can crack the egg directly into the ice cube tray, break the yoke and freeze as is. I’m in MI and we have chickens. I’ll dig out some ice cube trays and do a bit of experimenting 🙂

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