FREE thanksgiving printable fun pack

I enjoy printing off fun packs for each holiday season for my children to enjoy doing. It helps fill in some time gaps when I am busy doing other work.  The problem is that I have to take the time to do searches for all of the free pages to download.  Then I get sent to numerous sites which have many pop ups and ads and it takes forever to load.  It can get very frustrating plus I do not have the time.  To fix this I decided to take the time and create my own.  Then I only have to do it  once.  Plus I can give it to you to help you avoid spending numerous hours looking for things. If we can all work together and share, it makes life a little nicer.

I know I am not super graphic awesome and my pages aren’t full of lots of colored clip art, but I am keeping it plain and simple.  This allows you to save on ink and then allows your child to get out their colored pencils or crayons and make the pages come to life.

I hope you enjoy this, print them off, share with a friend and be blessed this Thanksgiving season.

Have a wonderful day!!! Amy

Click here for FREE printable Thanksgiving pages

7 responses to “FREE thanksgiving printable fun pack

  1. Thank you:) My kiddos are doing this packet the day before Thanksgiving when I have prep work and they are antsy:) They are so..excited they would like to do it now:)

  2. Thank you Amy
    I too, love having extra holiday things for the children to do, but HATE searching and spending LOTS of time at sites that aren’t very user friendly.
    You did all the work, and all I had to do was hit PRINT!
    Be Blessed

  3. You are just the coolest! You are so helpful to me it’s insane. 🙂 The school ideas and activity ideas are the best!

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