FREE math facts course and spelling/math courses all updated

Hello, hope your all having a fabulous day today. I wanted to let you know of some things that I have updated for my FREE schooling resources.

All of my spelling courses now include a printed version instead of just cursive for grades 3rd-6th. Some of my children did better when I wrote the words out in print, so I just decided to lessen some of my work and make them all print. You can still get the cursive version, the print is now just an option. I fixed a few typos that I noticed through the year as well.

I also fixed my new 5th and 6th grade math that I redid–I forgot to put page numbers on them ?!!?–gasp so that is now finished.

I am also using a math facts speed course.  We do enjoy for speed drill practice but,  I have noticed that some of my children just prefer the pen and paper type tests. So I did a year long review of all the math fact families and I will give them one page per day to do along with their math.

That you can get here math speed test practice for year

or, if you prefer to divide them up differently then I have done, you can print them out according to your child’s needs. get that here=== speed tests individual to print as you would like.

Keep watching for more things………..Be blessed!


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  1. Hello Amy, Thank you for creating the 4th grade spelling pages. I tried to download but link is not working for me.

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