FREE ebook giveaway….When the clouds roll in: Finding contentment in the midst of the storm



Have you been experiencing the cloud of doom more times than you would like in your life? Does it seem that the clouds get heavier and heavier until they engulf you and you don’t know how to make them go away? This book has been written to help women overcome the obstacles that cloud out their vision of what God has for them. it covers four areas that are stumbling blocks for women: unforgiveness, taking offense, the need to control, and devaluing ourselves.

God wants you to have fullness of Him and a life that is filled with overwhelming joy. We should be experiencing him in our lives everyday. When those storm clouds start rolling in, it can be hard to see the goodness that God has for us. This study is meant to remove those clouds and allow you to find contentment in the midst of the storm.

I am giving away FREE copies for the next 72 hours !

How do you go about bringing change in women?? You spread the word! I am asking that after you read the book you do the following:

  • Give a review on Amazon.  Here is the link
  • Write a review on your blog with a link back here
  • Share it with another woman that you think would benefit from applying principles used for healing and change
  • Let me know what you think–send me an email

Spread the word for the next 72 hours that this will be FREE as a download!

2 responses to “FREE ebook giveaway….When the clouds roll in: Finding contentment in the midst of the storm

  1. thank you amy for this book ! you knew how put words on troubles. You prouved us that God is everywhere when we let Him go, in any part of our lives, He doesn’t want to be a part of our lives but he wants to be our lives . Sometimes, I wished to be just like this women with their testimonies, and their light in the eyes,and their faith, and all their love ,and I just feel like : okay but what about me ? What about my testimonie ? And I understand that It’s not about me, it’s about God ! his glory, his love for me, his forgiveness and there is a scripture matthew 13/15 ! I had eyes but i didn’t see (what He did in my life) ! You are right amy, and your words are blessing me all the time ! Thank you so much

    • Vanessa, words to soothe a soul…..Love that you can allow God to be ALL of your life, that is when we start seeing things manifest and bring forth. Be blessed, Amy

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