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Ok…so I admit, I make mistakes. Yes, I make mistakes, I am not perfect:)  When I wrote all my curriculum and put it on my site, I did it in such a hurry because I wanted to get it done.  I had Momma’s who needed to get schooling for their children!  Which led to me doing it quickly…one speed:)  I have noticed, and I am sure you have too, some errors on the pages.  I am thankful for the readers who inform me so I mark it to fix them.

Usually when my children do the pages, I will mark them and keep them in a pile to fix the errors.  That has been what I have been doing these last few weeks…fixing errors.  Now, I may have missed a few more…again…just a human:) But I have went through them all and fixed the ones I noticed.

I have also added some new things. My daughter is left-handed and she has informed me how difficult it is to copy her spelling words.  That led me into making a left-handed spelling list.  Easy enough. I also added cursive for all the spelling lists in case you would rather have that over print.

I am also adding a video at the top of the homeschooling resources page, to give the pros and the cons of using plain and not so plain curriculum.  You can watch it here.


I hope this helps clean up some of pages and helps people understand it a bit better. Any other suggestions, would be great!

Have a wonderfully blessed day today!

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  1. My DD just finished your 4th Grade English Curriculum, and I was VERY happy with all that it taught her! Thanks so much! : )

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