writing high school

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  1. Shanika Hoggard

    Is there an answer key provided for this course? Please and thank you…

  2. This is excellent! Would you happen to have the answers to the questions?
    Thanks so much!

    • I don’t 🙁 Sorry I will do that eventually, the material is easy enough to do it along together and find any wrong answers. Just a tad bit of work on our ends:)

  3. Do you use this for middle school or high school? It is titled middle school Writing course but the link says writing high school. I have kids in both that I believe would benefit from this course. Just wondering your thoughts.

    • Hello….I originally had it for a high school level–just a lower level, but since I am putting things into “grades” I decided to add it to middle school. When we have more high school courses, I am sure that a lot of the content will be the same:) I did use something similar for my high schooler years ago, but I didn’t have a blog at the time to document it:) At the current moment I don’t have any in high school level so that is the reason I added it to middle. I would download it and see if you think your child will benefit—is it too hard, or too easy? I hope that helps…..

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