Free course: middle school Writing

Writing to my teenage son,  is sooooo boring.  Can you blame him? Well, me myself, I like writing, but if you don’t LOVE it, I understand about not wanting to do it.  I had to come up with something that covered all he needed to know, without making it painstakingly boring.

This is what I did:

This includes plenty of writing practice, but not enough to make them despise writing. I also included random memory tips to help them along the way in life. Also commonly misspelled words, punctuation, grammar rules. They also will learn the first Chapter of John from the bible.  They memorize a poem from Robert Frost and they will also learn Psalm 23.  So it has good points to it, but I’m not having him write a ten page theses on something he is never going to do:)

Enjoy and check it out.

writing high school

I pray you have a blessed weekend, we have some of our very dear friends coming down this weekend and next week for a visit. I will be off for most of next week.  After they leave, I am back to writing—I will be starting 4th grade stuff!  Enjoy your families and see you soon!


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