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This is my daughter’s last  year of school, I wanted to make sure that I covered everything that I “think” she should know.

For her writing I have come up with some copywork and some journaling for her to do each week. I purchased a college ruled composition notebook.  It has 100 pages so I had to come up with a way to split it up for her to do something each of the 40 weeks of school.


The first part of the book has her penmanship lessons.  You can download it here for FREE. It includes lesson for 40 weeks.  I generally gave her 7-9 lines to copy in cursive.  I will have her copy the verse or quote 3 or 4 times depending upon how long each verse is.

After you print off your stack of quotes, by the way these are all perfect bible verse, famous quotes, encouraging statements for a young person to memorize as they are copying, you are going to have to cut them apart to fit in your book.  I pasted them on the opposite page that she is to write on.  I got this idea from Donna Young  The fonts are sized to fit perfectly on the lines, this way my daughter will know exactly how big to  make each letter.


Okay, that took 40 pages, I figured I would have her write on Monday.  Then on Tuesday  and Wednesday each week, I had her do journaling.  I found some great writing prompts that really challenge our young adults to think about things and then write them out.  You can download them here for FREE.


I put each weeks lesson on two pages facing each other, that way I only used 40 more pages of the book.  I originally started by using Scotch tape to put these down, then later realized that a glue stick works much better.

Then for the last 20 pages I split them up in half and gave her 2 words of the top 100 commonly misspelled words.  I figured on Thursday she could copy these words ten times each.   Of course there are 100 words and only 80 will get used if you split them up, so we added a few more in on some weeks.  You can download my list here.

Now I feel like my daughter will get sufficient practice in penmanship this year.

Want to know what I did for my pre-teen son?  Click here for his copywork

Here is what we did for our 1st or 2nd grade girls copywork and journaling


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  1. Thank you for these ideas! I have been happily printing and looking forward to next school year. 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share this. 🙂

  3. Thank you soooo much for all your great ideas and resources. You are a blessing!

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