Free Christmas Fun pages and salt dough ornaments

For this month, I like to make school work lighter and have some extra “fun” activities  for the children to do.  This month we focused on the getting the basics—reading, writing, and arithmetic done and then next month we will back into our regular schedule.  I like to be able to allow the children extra time creating memories doing things that are fun.

One thing that was enjoyable to do this year was salt dough ornaments.  I have done this before when we had more little ones and it was stressful worrying about the little ones not getting paint on everything.  This year they were much better about keeping the mess contained on the table- so it was good:) IMG_20151211_195749

I made the ornaments about a week ago and that allowed them to dry and  be ready to paint.  I gave each child a piece of paper to paint the ornaments on.  I filled their own plates with a squirt of each paint color.  Then I put a large rag towel in between two children along with a container of water.   This allowed them to rinse and dry their brushes easily.  IMG_20151211_195802

For the most part, it went well.  I have only one spot that pink paint got on the table and had to be scrubbed off.  Thank goodness for acrylic washable paints:)  Even the 3 year old did a good job.  His paint plate was a swirly mess by the time he was done, but he had fun and made his own ornament.  IMG_20151211_203424

I set them out to dry overnight and then wrote their names on the back along with the year.  I strung a ribbon through the hole—don’t forget to make the hole before you bake them.IMG_20151211_203427I am going to have my husband spray them with clear coat and we just might get to keep these ornaments for the years to come.  As much as I enjoy buying really nice looking ornaments, in our household the tree becomes a playing station which results in multiple times of moving the ornaments throughout the time the tree is up and   I am okay with that.  I don’t idolize my tree at all, it has become something fun to play with:)  One day it will sit all nicely decorated, but for now, I enjoy them playing and putting “their” ornaments that they have made in a special spot.


I put the lights up this year and then I sit down and get all the ornaments ready for the children to let loose on the tree.

IMG_20151213_171254It takes all of about ten minutes for them to decorate the tree. IMG_20151213_171425

For the most part, the top of the tree is where we keep any special ornamentsIMG_20151213_171428

It is a fun time, I stood back and took a look after they were done and was just about the “rearrange” some of the ornaments and then I thought, “no, I will leave them.”  It is just a tree, the children had fun, that is all that matters.  IMG_20151213_171459  The recipe that we used for the salt dough ornaments is here.

Now for some fun pages.  You can click and print off this pack of Christmas fun pages for you to occupy your child if you need a moment or two to get things done.  Completely free, no need to do multiple searches throughout the internet.  Enjoy and be blessed.

Click here to download them.

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