FREE bible and animal study curriculum elementary

Need a good, easy, and most of all FREE bible study curriculum for your elementary aged student?  We have it.  Plus we have an animal study that ties into the bible learning–so you get two classes in one!

For our bible study for the elementary aged children, we are using the Illustrated Family Bible from DK as our main source.  It is easy to read and I felt it covered the main stories we wanted to learn.  We read a new story 4 times per week.  After each story, we have bible trivia on the stories we have already learned.  Each week, we memorize a bible verse that the child practices writing each day.

We also are using Character Sketches books from Institute in Basic Life Principles.  These well made books have a vast wealth of information.  The books take an animal and give you an in depth account of how it functions in nature.  It then goes on to relate it to a character trait of a person in the bible.  Very neat.  We enjoy these books for teaching animals study as well as biblical study.    I chose 2 animals from the books each week.  Usually it pertains to what we are learning in the bible that week.

I then did a search for my own printable images of each of the animals—I included a list at the end for you to do a search yourself for and printed them off for each child.  As I am reading about the animal, the child will copy down some interesting facts about the animal as well as color the image in.  We will then put them together in a book to have an animal study.

I have also included  printable bible trivia questions from all of the lessons taught.

These are another great FREE resource for bible and animal curriculum choices this year.

You do have to purchase the following books to make it happen, but still an inexpensive route to homeschooling:

I bought the Illustrated Family Bible DK  and Character Sketches Vol 1,2,3 from Institute in Basic Life Principles.

I found these books relatively cheap online.  The character sketches are a little more, but they are big and heavy and nicely made books.  Don’t worry about getting a newer version, we use the old version and the bible and animal information is still the same—it doesn’t change.  They are a good in depth animal study as well as biblical person study, we don’t absolutely love that many books but these have stayed on my shelves for many years.

Click here for FREE printable elementary bible curriculum

Click here for FREE printable bible trivia to go with the curriculum

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate the glimpse I am allowed into your life. I love coffee too! Bold, nothing fancy just a touch of sweetness and cream! You have a beautiful family! Your children will rise up and call you blessed, your husband also…

    • Christina, I am glad you enjoy reading about our life. I pray my time allows me to get back into blogging on regular schedule, soon. Thank you for your kind words. Be blessed. Amy

  2. Could you link to the Bible you used please? I did an amazon search for the title you put in the post, and several came up! Lol

    Also did you find the character books on eBay?

    • Yes I just linked them. I saw that you can get some copies used on Amazon for the Character Sketches. Check ebay they may be cheaper. Good luck finding them!

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