FREE 6th grade math course download

Another freebie today!  If you know of anyone who could use this, please pass it along.

click the link for download

6th grade math FINAL

6 responses to “FREE 6th grade math course download

  1. Are you planning on making a fourth grade course as well? Thanks!

  2. You are sooooo Amazing!!! We have been struggling for years trying to find a math curriculum that was simple in its explanations for a little girl who detests numbers. We have tried all of the big name curriculum but nothing stuck. You have made a 6th grade girls year look brighter and my year so much easier since i don’t have to hunt worksheets every week! I was hunting spelling for the 3rd grader and got a bonus with this find. You just made my week! Thank You!!!

    • I am so blessed Hannah!!! I am glad that you are able to use this. Some of my children struggle with lots of math problems as well. Simple and easy. Makes it less frustrating for a complicated subject:) Have a great week!

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