FREE 4th grade English course

Good morning everyone, hope your week is going great! I just realized that I had never even posted this course yet?!?!?!  Too many course, too much computer lately?!!??!  Here it is ….pass it along if you know of someone who can use it:)  Have a wonderful day!

4th grade english

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  1. Hello! this is great, thank you for posting. Is there an answer key, a teacher’s version that goes with this, with a bit more of an explanation to each of these pages? I’m new to homeschooling, and it’s been hard to find pages with answer key/teacher’s version. Thank you!

    • Hey Tina, I am happy you have found me. I do not have individual answer keys for these courses yet. I do have the complete grade levels that includes all of the basic courses and an answer key. If you scroll down it would be 4th grade Basic Skills Curriculum. It would include English, Math, Spelling,Reading, and Vocabulary. It has all of the courses pages as well as extras that includes some testing prep Q and A for end of year testing. It would have the answers, you would just have to do some scrolling through extra pages…..sorry, hope that helps some.

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