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I sometimes wonder why if we aspire to live a more plain and simple life why do we seem to suffer things.  I don’t mean suffer as far as physical pain or loss, I mean suffer more like feeling the sting of rejection from others and sometimes financial burdens.  It seems all of us go through it but sometimes it seems it is always lurking right behind us, waiting to catch up.

We knew it would not be an easy life.  Choosing to homeschooling our children is not an easy task.  The loss of income and the amount of time it takes to school your own is consuming.  Sometimes we may think, maybe getting that job just so we can have a little more money or that vacation would be worth it.  But even through the trials of continuously working at our tasks as stay at home moms it is far better to be home with your children teaching and training them then enjoying fleshy desires. It may take years to see your work come to fruition, but it is a job well worth it.

Maybe your choice is in choosing to wear a head covering.  Some ladies go through feelings of doubt and rejection in wearing one.  I know some that doubt their beauty and what people socially think of them.  Some may desire a church that covers and will even scrimp on religious beliefs just to go to one that covers in order to “fit in.”

Sometimes we as “plain and simple” women might just grow weary of being the “strong” ones.  Sometimes it may be that we are the ONLY ones.  Finding like minded sisters in the Lord can be a struggle for many.  I know I have struggled much throughout the years trying to find like minded sisters whom I can reach out and share with.  I am thankful that the Lord took me through a time of just seeking Him, making it easy for me to avoid looking to others for advice.  I am very thankful for the women he has placed into my life now and also grateful for the quiet times that I felt alone.

It could be that we choose not to have computer access, thus making it very difficult to be able to fellowship or search out other women.  Feelings of discontent start creeping in with our choices of life.

What about choosing to wear only skirts or dresses? Dressing in skirts alone can be a struggle.  In our ever-present society where everyone wears jeans as the “norm” and modesty is way over looked. If you believe in modesty you are definitely an oddity, thus making you feel alone again even in our churches.

Sometimes as we choose this narrow path it seems we are set up for trouble and heartache.  But we have to be so content in our walk with the Lord and know that His ways are pleasing.  If we were walking the path as everyone else, than we would not be worth the time of the deceiver’s trouble.

I say this not to say that people who do not choose the narrow way are less likely to have trouble and sorrows, rather, they have a different type.  We all suffer in our own way and for different reasons.  That is a result of the fall from grace.  But, in our suffering there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We are headed towards that light.

When your children are older, they will look back and see the example that you set for them. They will be grateful for a mother who sacrificed and “suffered” so that she could raise her children with good morals and values.  They will see that you chose to do the best for them and put their needs above your own by choosing to stay home.

You may have people that look at you in an odd manner.  They may gossip, or talk badly about you behind your back, but that is okay.  Be content in your walk and choice of life.  Don’t presume that you know what goes on in everyone’s heads.  We can’t look upon man’s heart.  That look or that comment may be them trying to figure out what gives you your convictions to go a different route.  They might be wondering where your inner strength comes from?  And why they don’t have it?

The people who openly question and make unkind remarks are usually being touched by the Holy Spirit.  Otherwise, why would they care?  You might be the only light shining to these souls, showing them another path.  If people choose to criticize you they will have to respect you for standing up and walking against the grain.

Pay attention to the ones that are not in your immediate path of life.  The mom at the grocery store who sees that you don’t purchase processed foods but choose to make healthy food for your family.  Maybe it will be the bank teller who is struggling with wanting to wear dresses full time.  Maybe it will be a conviction of wearing a head covering for someone who feels that they can’t socially wear one.  We don’t know everyone’s struggles of life, but we do know that we are called to be an example.  To let our light shine before men, so that they can see our works of the Father.

When those struggles get you down and you doubt that you are strong enough to keep going, take the focus off of yourself and turn it back towards God.  God is using you for  a better purpose than you can even imagine.  Let these tough times come, ride them out, gain wisdom to learn what to do the next time around.  Finally, testify of the goodness of what God has done in your life to others.  This is the biggest encouragement to others.  Take your persecution as a blessing and rejoice over it.


Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

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