How to fix entertainment center glass





When you have children, you can expect to have some broken items in your home.  We have saved and tired to purchase things that were heavy duty, sturdy, and child proof.  We have gone through many entertainment centers over the years and I knew what I wanted when we went to buy our “heavy duty one.”


This was the perfect one for us.  I only have to remove the knobs when I have a  curious toddler trying to open it all day long.  The only problem I had was that you could see through the glass on the doors.  I believe that it looks messier that way.  Well I can thank my 2 year old for swinging around Daddys belt in circles and smashing it into the glass door and breaking it:)

After looking up replacement cost for a piece of glass it was going to be costly.

We had to have other ways to fix it.  My husband and I went to Lowes and bought a thin sheet of plywood.  Cut it to fit the size of our door.


We then found floor sticky tiles in a design we liked.



The design is a grey slate.  It matches the diamond designs on the outer doors.



My husband, actually stuck the floor tile to the wood first and then cut out the shape of the glass.  He popped it into place. It is perfect, indestructible.  I think it looks better than the glass of the original.  And if my child breaks it again, it cost us about $9 to replace both doors.








2 responses to “How to fix entertainment center glass

  1. Detric Moore

    So is this glass or tile?
    Or where can I take my door to get replaced?

    • I don’t know where to get it fixed, it is tile sheets that we stuck to thin sheets of plywood. It has been working for the last 5 years perfectly:)

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