Family Dinner Conversation Starters



Family meal time is an important time for everyone in the family. Families who eat dinner together regularly are more likely to have stronger, happier family relationships. As families struggle to find amounts of quantity and quality time together, family dinnertime provides the opportunity for both.

I thought I would try using a conversation starter question to keep our times around the table interesting.  It seems to work for everyone.  We rotate letting a different child choose each night.  We let the one who chooses to answer first and then anyone else can add  their 2 cents worth.  It has made meal time a little more interesting.  Something we look forward to doing each night.

I would encourage you to print this list of questions off and cut them into individual questions.  Roll them up, place them in a mason jar and set on your table.

Download (PDF, 46KB)

4 responses to “Family Dinner Conversation Starters

  1. I would love to put this post on my pinterest page! But since there isn’t an image I can’t. Would you consider adding a picture?

    • tiffany, sure I am new to all this blog stuff and sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I am doing lol. Another person pinned it on her pinterest site. Can you use the pictures within the blog??? Let me know

  2. Mrs. Amy, can I picture this with my Mama’s camera, take out the USB and plug it here to print this? It wouldn’t work when I copy-pasted them and tried to put them in Word 2013.

    • Hey Sophie, I apologize for the late response, I just uploaded a PDF file for you to print off. Hope that helps!

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