Everyday Life

Large family fun and celebrations

New Years celebration 2017

Christmas celebration 2017

Cookie exchange 2017

December fun 2c017

Saran wrapped Christmas tree

Jesus birthday cake presentation

Thanksgiving 2017 and what we would do differently

Enjoying life with a big family

Enjoying our summer 2017

4th of July fun 2017 and safe way to light sparklers

Getting ready for the lake VLOG

Large family camping

Christian open mic at our house

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2016


Our first week in North Carolina

rainy day vlog

Exercising on the mountains

Visiting Table Rock and Caesers Head

Walking on the mountains with children

A day at the lake

Tuxedo Family fun days

Dec 2016 Fun family weekend

Christmas cookie exchange party

Blizzard 2016 and what we did

4th of July 2016

Untypical Sunday in our home

The aftermath of Christmas from a minimalist mom perspective

Easter a day later 2015

Mom goes looking for a turkey 2015

personal mom stuff

Breastfeeding babies

Modest no-sew tops

Having babies and losing weight

just life in a large family

Painting the pantry and the things unseen

Transforming under the stairs into a closet for 4 girls

Bissell vacuum warranty review

Typical morning in our homeĀ 

large family van organization

Training little ones to sit in church

Habits for a cleaner home and more sanity

Finding a new church

Baking day in our house

Chores and children

What I wake up to on Mondays

Getting back on track January 2016

Children have sickness

Give them something to do

Stuck inside with little ones all day

My 3 month shopping plan

How to plan grocery shopping for the month

How to menu plan for the week or the month

Family Meal times

A day in the life of me

Moving and Life in a New Land

God has directed….we are moving

Trusting and unknown future to a known God

Large Family Moving

Where have I been? Life in a new land

Busy weeks again?? and life in a new land

Life gets busy

We are moving again?!!? This time for good