Every day is a gift, a chance to do something great…

Every day is a gift.  Your job is much more than cooking foods, cleaning house, changing diapers, and nursing babies.  Your job is to shape hearts and the lives of your children.  If you are faithful in nurturing, training, and teaching your children, than your reward will be an eternal blessing.

How do we go about doing that?

Live and interact with your children on a daily basis.  Let the little one, help wash dishes.  That big pile of water on the floor can be picked up with one large bath towel in seconds.  But that nurture and training will build a good relationship for when your child is 13 and can  be a blessing to you.

Make it a game with your toddler when gathering up the dirty laundry and throwing it into the basket and then making it be a dump truck, traveling to the dumping yard(laundry room.) Your children will learn that work is enjoyable instead of drudgery.  They will also learn that it is important to work for the benefit of others and they will bond with you in the process.

A mother finds her satisfaction in losing her own life for the cause of raising her children.  Life is NOT about pleasing ourselves for the here and now.  Possibly not even focusing on what we want.  It is about being committed to God first.  Then to our husbands, to our children, and to the journey that we are making together.

God is in the business of seeking mothers who are seeking Him.  In a world that has forgotten Him, God is looking for mothers who will be in charge of their homes and their children.

The godly mother will share love with her children.  She will also seek to “win” the hearts of her sons and daughters.  The first step to facilitating both of these is to place our children under authority.  In the same way that the fear of God prepares our hearts to have fellowship with God, disciplining our children and being in authority over them lays the foundation for wholesome parent-child relationships to develop.

Think of your role as the role of a store manager.  We must be filled with confidence, purpose, and decisiveness when it comes to parenting our children.  When we carry ourselves in a manner which shows we are in charge, it puts our children at rest.  This way when we are looked upon as “in charge” sometimes just giving “the look” will prompt your child to behave.

We need to be gentle mothers, who live AND laugh with our children.  Don’t be afraid to smile MOST of the time.  In fact, if you don’t your children will remember that.  Get down on their level, look into their eyes, and give them kisses and hugs.  Take the extra 2 minutes and go see their fort they have built, be impressed with the 20th picture that they made.

All those little moments will have lasting memories on your child.  Let them have a mother whom they remember as one who smiled and laughed and most importantly whose heart is safe with them.

Build those bonds, tie those heartstrings, and ENJOY your role as mother.  Is is like we are handed this big pile of unrefined gold.  Gold that we have to refine through discipline, direction, and love for eternity and fellowship with God.  That is a mighty job to have!!


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