established morning routine

Establishing a morning routine

When you establish a routine for yourself each morning, you are creating an environment of consistency.  When you are a CEO in charge of a family, your morning routine affects your employees (family members). With consistency comes known expectations of roles and responsibilities, known outcomes and a happier, calmer family life.  How does your morning routine measure up?  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you ever feel rushed in the mornings?
  • Do you feel stressed out, when mother is cross because you slept in late?
  • Do you find like you are getting distracted when trying to complete your most important tasks?
  • Do you regularly feel like you have just wasted your day?

If you answered “yes’ to these questions then it is time to establish a morning routine.  You want your day to get off to a great start, especially if you are in charge of a bunch of employees (children.)

Having a morning routine means implementing and establishing a consistent routine to help create order in your home life and to help you gain control of your day.

When you have a morning routine, it usually does not involve hitting the snooze button on your alarm four times before you actually roll out of bed or scanning your phone to see what the world is up to.  It involves carefully set up tasks and habits that are to be completed before you begin your day.

Why should you do all of this?  Remember we are viewing your future life as the life of a successful CEO.  Think about your favorite things to do in life.  Do you have a certain nonprofit group, you like to involve yourself in?  Is there a certain place where you like to eat at?  Do you have a business that you like to frequent because of their top customer service?  In our lives we are drawn to certain businesses, products, bosses, and friends because they provide consistently good food, products, leadership and friendship.  If we expect value and consistency in those things, why shouldn’t we expect them in our own lives?  Having a morning routine is just one of those things to help give you order and calmness to your day.


Morning routine

When waking up in the morning and leaving your room, it should be in order.  But what happens when you wake up late and there isn’t much time for having your room be tidy?  A well worked out schedule for the things you have to do before leaving the house in the morning will help to eliminate this problem.

Here are some questions that will help you figure out your morning routine:

  • Do you make needless trips back and forth across the room and up and down the stairs?
  • How many minutes does it take you to put your room in order and make the bed? Can you think of any way to cut down this time?
  • Did you hang up your clothing the night before and leave things in order so that there are no unnecessary things to do in the morning?
  • Have you planned exactly which things to do before breakfast and what to do after breakfast so that you won’t waste time?
  • Do you have regular morning chores that you are responsible for doing? Start them on your own, don’t make your mother remind you.  You are growing up to be a woman, you don’t need your mom reminding you of simple routine tasks.
  • Do you set aside a set time to do your email and other internet outlets? This can be a huge time waster.  Set aside some time during the day and stick with it to answer emails, etc.