Encouragement for the homeschooling parent

We are just about to embark on a new journey by beginning a homeschool fellowship group that will meet at our local library two times per month.  We are having our first meeting tomorrow at the Green River Library in Tuxedo, North Carolina from 1-3 if anyone is in the area that reads this blog:)

We wanted to start something that steps outside the box of what the traditional homeschooler does in this area. I know that there is already a large group that offers co-op classes and I think that is a wonderful thing.  One day, as all my little ones are older that might be something that we can do as a family, but for now it is not something feasible for us.  But I still wanted to get my children involved with other homeschooling families, ones that are sitting home wondering where all the other homeschoolers are:) Thus the need.

I had to come up with some topics to discus at each meeting.  Tomorrows will be on encouragement. Anything that we do for an extended period of time can get boring and discouraging.  Life happens, things come up, and we soon wonder why it is we do what we do.  How can we avoid all of this?

We defend our minds

We need to not allow negative thoughts to fester in our minds. If something comes up, immediately deal with it and move on. Don’t dwell on past things and things you cannot change.

Watch the scheduling

Do not overbook the calendar. Be selective in your activities It is okay to just stay at home more than your friends do. It will create a peaceful setting in your home to help focus on priorities.

Grasp reality

It is okay to sometimes speak things out loud. Saying, “I cannot do it all and that is okay!” Focus on what needs to be done, what REALLY needs to be done and let the rest slip away.

Take breaks

It is okay to take the occasional break from “structured curriculum” and spend some time reading good books and getting outside exploring nature with your child. Do something out of the norm and surprise your children.


Even on days when you don’t feel like it. Let your child see your smiling face. It makes all the difference.
Homeschooling is a journey that we are on, not a marathon. Take each day and enjoy it. Explore and find things out as a family. You will not regret spending these moments with your child.

Be blessed as you embark on a new week!  Amy

4 responses to “Encouragement for the homeschooling parent

  1. Hello Amy, I think homeschooling is wonderfull, but in France, homeschooling has very bad reputation. In france, school has the power and the knowledge. It’s tolerated in case of disease or accident but in the others cases it’s very badly seen by the others and they make feel guilty the parents. Well, This year my 12 old daugther begins the secondary school and it’s absolutly horrible ! 31 in the class, not enough books for all the children, teachers dont come… and my son anthony 9 years old last year of primary has trouble with some kids who insult him or threaten him so it’s a very bad year for us at the moment because I am in a school system which is not adapted for all the children ! My son is one year less than the other kids in his class because I red since he was 5 so he’s anormal and he ‘s the problem not the others ! He has to be like them : impolite with a bad behaviour ! And my daugther is influenced by the others in her vocabulary ect … And we have no choice but change the school. So next year they will go to a private school because it’s the only way to give our children to be good and grow up with a good mentality ! we even don’t live in a big city, we live in a small towon near mountains with 2500 inhabitants … Well I would like to take my children with me and hide them to protect them but it’d not the reality ! I pray God to help me to deal with it and to take the best decision for my children but I is very hard for me. Thank for your testimoy and encouragement.

    • Vanessa,
      I appreciate your honesty into what schooling is like in France. The realities of some are not known to others. I will continue to pray for your guidance and remember that God will give you what you need, the words, the knowledge, so that you can be confident in your decisions for your children.

  2. Lawrenceville walking by faith

    Thank you so much for your page. Your encouragement is so timely as I find peace in the will of God to continue homeschooling my child. I am a multi-degree(graduate also) holder and while my education has always been important to me, so is my child and their education. I have poured professionally into so many other families and children over the years, and during those times always envisioned duplicating the amazing experiences with my own. I have enjoyed these past few years as a work from home mom, seeing so much in my child’s development and supporting the foundation in spiritual things and ECE. I know I have made the right choice so far. Now, I doubt and wonder if I am making the right choice for our present and future bc financially we are often at just enough rarely overflow. My child is a very happy child. Bringing so much joy to me and others. This is God’s will I am confident, and I have to steady the course in faith. I hear so many success stories of families who homeschool. I know if I can just steady the course in faith, we will reap the benefits of this labor. My child has been entrusted into my care, I have to persevere for their sake.

    You said, “We defend our minds
    We need to not allow negative thoughts to fester in our minds. If something comes up, immediately deal with it and move on. Don’t dwell on past things and things you cannot change.”

    Amen, thank you for this reminder and just your transparency.

    Favor and Grace
    Lawrenceville, Ga. walking by faith

    • This was a wonderful comment…………………….Thank you for it. We are walking by faith. Our entire lives is a walk by faith. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but if we do what the Lord has shown us to do today then we will be reaping whatever plans He has for us. Don’t let the enemy have any chance to make you doubt your decision to homeschool your child. The Lord has shown you what to do, now do it and walk by faith in continuing the path. Money will come. Don’t dwell on that, you will make it. Shift your mode of thinking what you need to buy for meals, or what you “need” to spend normally. We can cut back and do our part by just changing our thoughts of “what we think we should be buying.” We are a blessed group in this world. Don’t let the enemy make you question that ever!!!

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