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  1. Having read Debi Pearl’s book myself I came across your site on Raising Arrows wld love to receive the free e-book.God Bless.

    • Hello Anna, if you subscribe to my blog, you will receive an email to confirm the subscription and then a chance to download it:) Thanks amy

  2. Love to learn more about home economics.

  3. Lisa Pollard

    Id love to read your book 🙂 I just love this blog. We are striving for a simple life. And Im due with baby #5 June 4th. Im so happy I found this 🙂
    (((hugs))) and prayers

  4. Thank you so much for finding the time to write this blog. It is a shining light in a dark world.
    May God bless you and your lovely family abundantly.
    Love sue xxxx

  5. Is there a hard copy of this for purchase, or an ebook download? This is just what I’ve been looking for, for my 16 yr old daughter. Thank you so much!

    • A FREE ebook download, when you subscribe it will send you a link to confirm and then allow you to download the book. Be blessed, Amy

  6. Thank you Amy for your lovely site. You are such a blessing to find. God bless you!

  7. sandra hamilton

    I appreciate you and all your work so much. I thank God for you and giving you this insight. I have for years been trying to come up with a curriculum for girls in my church and you nailed it. This is it almost exactly except yours is finished and better. Thanks.

    • I am very grateful that you are able to use this in your girls group. It is a blessing to know that other girls will benefit from it. Be blessed and thank you. Amy

  8. Viola Smith

    This is GREAT!!! Just what I’ve been looking for to start my girls group. Home Economics is my passion, I want to teach young ladies as much as possible to survive in this mean, cruel world. It’s so much our young girls, teenagers and young adults don’t know. This will be a great start!!!
    This is trully a Blessing to me. Thank you for all that you do!
    May God continue to Bless you and your family!

  9. Carol Asopardo

    Hi Amy! i found your site in my search for lesson plans. I am interested to learn of your lessons and i am very thankful to received free E book from you.
    Thanks a lot in advance, God bless!


  10. Connie Martinez

    Help! first time homeschooling…

  11. Melanie West

    I have six kids to homeschool and I am so overwhelmed. Two have learning disabilities and I just need some kind of guidance. Thanks!

    • Hello Melanie, I suggest you take it one child at a time. Do you have a curriculum for them already? Do they do independent work? What things stress you out?

  12. Mary Ann B. Alidao

    I am teaching home economics & livelihood education but our library doesn’t have enough resources. I tried to search and come up with your free resources on line. I hope this will help me improve my l lesson plan to be able to teach my students better

  13. Hi from Bulgaria!
    Here Amish style of life is almost unknown except for some people who are interested in contemporary church history. Much to learn from them! Many people are trying recently to simplify their life – we call it downshifting. My own family plans to leave the capital and move in a rural area within a year or two so we are open to learn new lessons and hints. Happy to find your postings – I will try to follow them!

    • Wow–hello from far away! Isn’t it amazing that we can sit down at our laptops and be able to be encouraged by someone thousands of miles away? It makes me glad that me, who I didn’t think I could influence many people because of my lifestyle–being home with so many children—but God provides a tool to be able to do that….so awesome. Yes downshifting, plain living, minimalism—-all have the same outcome, just the different groups who like to have different names:) I am blessed to hear from you.

  14. I have three children ages 4 and under. My sister has 5 kids 7 and under. We are both trying to home school our children together and need some help.

    • Wow you have a house full of little ones as well as your sister:) That is a true blessing. What type of resources are you looking to need? I have a kindergarten curriculum that you can print off free of charge. It covers all of the basics and will suffice your need for a core curriculum. You can email me at

  15. Karen Barnes

    An ideal Home Economics course for my 15 yr old homeschooling daughter!
    So excited to began!!

  16. Isaiaria Moreland

    I love your website. I remember when they use to teach home economics in high schools and wood shop, then they took it out of the high school curriculum when the schools start being mixed.

    • Thank you, I know that is why I wanted to put something out their for young ladies to learn skills that have become forgotten in this day and age. I also don’t want to leave boys out because so too many are being raised by mothers who maybe don’t necessarily have the skills to teach them.

  17. Hi Amy, i would love to download a full kindergarten to first grade curriculum guide for my use. please advise, thanks Otim

  18. Cost to subscribe?

  19. Hello Amy
    I came across your blog when I was searching for lesson plans and homeschool info on Pioneer Woman page. It’s amazing what you have taken the time to give to others, and I appreciate it so much. I have already been looking at the cooking part and monthly freezer ideas, such good info! I am homeschooling my 13 yr old granddaughter who will be in the 8th grade. I didn’t see any homeschool info for her grade, do you have anything I missed? I also have to work full time, so any help would be appreciated. I am ordering your home ec book for her, I think that will be useful in the evenings when I am home. I am thankful to have come across your page and appreciate the way God uses you even with your hands surely so busy at home with children! Thanks again and God bless all your endeavors.

    • You are a wonderful grandmother to homeschool your granddaughter. That takes much perseverance and dedication and I think it is wonderful!!I am so happy that you will be able to use the home economics book with her, it will be something that you can do together. No I unfortunately do not have specific 8th grade work yet. I have a history course for high school that can be used in 8th grade as well. America the Story of Us. I won’t have any courses for that grade just yet. check out they have free online courses that we used for our older ones at one time. You would just need daily access to a computer to make it work. Look for older textbooks at Goodwill or search on Amazon. You could definitely find some cheap on there. I am the blessed one when it comes to the ability to share with others what we use here at home. I am thankful to God for what He has shown me to do and by that it blesses and gives joy to my heart. It makes me smile. Be blessed Susan and don’t give up! What you are doing is kingdom work for your granddaughter:)

  20. I found your site just in time. I’ve been homeschooling great nieces (twins) who are 14, since they were 10 and falling so far behind in PS system. (Long story)

    We do basic homemaking things, but I wanted to give them a planned approach — something that will let them track their progress (and ensure that I didn’t miss anything! 🙂 ). I also like the character-building aspect of your program.



  21. I love your site. It has been so useful with our home ec class. Our favorite project was monster cookies but we can no longer find the recipe on your site. Desperately need the recipe as we are on our last batch in the freezer :-). Please help

    • Oh that was a good reminder for me. I just added it and put it under the treats section of my food menu. I also wrote it down for us to make at home. That might be a good cookie to make for moving:) Thanks!

  22. I just downloaded the K1st curriculum to try this year with my son. What do you recommend for 2nd grade? I am new to homeschooling, my husband just got out of the military due to injury and I have 3 kids ages: 7,6,and 3! I need something to help me know what I should cover for each age/grade.
    Thank you!

    • I am sorry that your husband has been injured, but I am happy that you have chosen to homeschool your children. You can use the free courses that I have for 2nd Grade—English, Math, Spelling, and if your child needs practice writing—-grab a tablet from the $1 store and write out the letters and have them copy one page per day. Goto your local library and get lots of books. I have many book list recommendations for beginner readers and next step readers. Sit and read to them. Then go explore with videos and being outside in whatever interests your child leans to. Keep it simple, I guarantee that if you take these first few years just enjoying them and make learning fun all of the “more complicated and necessary” skills will come naturally. It is much easier for a 5th grader to get what nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are in a few weeks verses a 2nd grader in a whole years time. Same goes for math facts—you can work everyday if you would like when they are younger but they can gain much more knowledge in a shorter amount of time when they are older. If you are interested in doing math drills has a free sign up and everyday your child can go and practice math facts. My children do it, it is way better than worksheets and flashcards and its free. My advice don’t stress—-get lots of books, play games, and have fun with life with your children. Even if you have to test—-the skills they need to know at a young age are minimal so no worries. HOpe this encourages and helps!! Be blessed Amy

  23. Sanet White

    Thank you for sharing this info.


  24. I just love this blog, And i want to learn more obout home economic.thank you

  25. Woww i really enjoy your blog. God bless you.

  26. I am wondering if you can use mod podge to overlap photos? Cut out photos in random shapees of the main part of the photo then make a collage that way?

  27. Hi Amy want to start a change in my life but so many questions. Can I send a you an e-mail? God bless you. Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  28. Thank you so much for you free curriculum and all the great information you provide. I am a subscriber to your YouTube channel. This blog is amazing! Thank you for finding time to do all of it. God bless.

  29. Thank you! Thank you! It is wonderfully kind of you to share this!

  30. Hi Amy! I am a homeschooling mom of 4 and just discovered your awesome site! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for all of these great free resources! What a blessing you are!

  31. Roberta Danforth

    Thank you very much.

  32. Kelsee Arnold

    Hey, I am currently a junior in college with a 3.9 GPA; however, my nephew is seven and is on the verge of getting held back from second grade. He pretty much cannot read at all, and his family wants me to help him. Despite my good grades in college, I honestly don’t know where to start with him. May you please help me help my nephew.

    • Kelsee, I am happy that your family thinks so highly of you to be able to help your nephew, that is a great honor! On my homeschool resources pages, I have a PHonics Beginning Reading Course. Start with that.It goes over the basics. Do a page a day. Then start out with simple reading phonics books. I have many book recommendations on my homeschool resource page that you should be able to get from the library. You can download any of the grade levels that we have and see where he is at. I hope that helps and Gods blessing to you for doing what you do…

  33. Hi Amy, I came across your site on Facebook and I did put my email to subscribe but it still has not come through yet, does it take a while to come through? I am very excited to start your program!! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to use your resources.

    • Hey Tina, did you confirm? check your spam folder. I did not see your email address in the confirmed section. You don’t need to sign up to begin the program, you just start whenever you want:) Hope this helps. Thanks Amy

  34. Excited to find this course and share it with my 12 year old dau

  35. I am so glad i have come across this sitr..thanks God

  36. Donna Eaton

    Excited to be a subscriber! ☺

  37. Dana Stenstrom

    Can this be emailed to me?

  38. I absolutely love your blog! And your YouTube channel! We are a smaller large family of 6.

  39. Hi Amy 🙂 … I would like to commend you in the way you put together such a wonderful packet for homeschoolers. My family and I are on our 2nd year of homeschooling and still have LOTS to learn about this type of learning curve from traditional learning. I homeschool our 6 year old grandson (he was 5 when we started). I was wondering if you have a science curriculum for Kindergarten/1st-3rd Graders. Our grandson is interested in science and with the Solar Eclipse around the corner, we want to teach him how our world works and other scientific things 🙂 .

    • Hello Rosetta, no commending me, it is only by the Lord’s help that I am able to do any of this:) I don’t have anything for science, yet, I may over the next few years. For our family, I chose different topics and then went online and found some sites and I copied and pasted them in Wordpad and printed them off for our own use. We are doing Bill Nye videos and I got print off tests to do as well. Also Jonathan Park audio cds are a great resource, they are based on creation science. We enjoy them and are doing them this year. See if your library has them. I hope this helps some. I will add more as we do more and I can document it:) HAve a wonderful day! Enjoy the eclipse!

  40. Scott Stevens

    Hello and Thank you

  41. Jennifer Gould

    Just found your site and I am completely interested and love what you have done. Just curious when you will be doing grade 8-12? I have a student in 8th and would love to use what you have. Thanks!

    • Wonderful! I am finishing up the 8th grade and should be ready to post the courses this next week. I will have the complete basic skills book for 8th grade hopefully at the end of that week–depending upon processing time:) Keep watching!

  42. Theresa Harrison

    Hi Amy, I’m trying to find out how to directly retrieve the site now that I’m signed up. Please help me. Thank you.

  43. Please help me find an easier way to retrieve the site directly without going to my email if possible

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