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  1. Lisa LaGrange

    Feeling hopeless at times, glad I found your site.

    • Lisa, I am glad you found my site too:) Know I am praying for you, life can get bogged down, trust me I went through it too but life does get easier:)

  2. I arrived to the USA with my wife and three boys February 2009 as a refugees, our lifestyle get changed for tow ways good and bad, the good one is to be safe, get education graduate from school with degree and got nice job, my wife staying home cook, take care of kids, but the bad things is I see my kids live another life style different from what we raised up, they are connecting to the electronic devices ( I pod, I phone ext.) they stay wake too late, they like fast food, Id like to make some changes and keep them away from that but I don’t know how to do it.

    • Raed,
      slow steps as with everything in life. Limit the time they use the electronic devices, spend good quality time together as a family. When you come home and are tired, don’t sit in front of the tv–go play a game with your family. Make it mandatory to have dinner as a family each night—if possible. Start somewhere,anywhere and make changes. Don’t look at how far you want to go, just start doing something and you will get somewhere.
      Blessings to you and your family, amy

  3. Thank you

  4. ShakinahGlory Russell

    Thank you for you’re help

  5. Hello! Hope all is well with you and yours. Just found your site and after looking around, I immediately subscribed. I’m trying to take baby steps and find my bearings again after losing my Daddy three weeks ago. It’s still hard to breath, eat, sleep, and live in reality sometimes. Right now, I’m just holding on to my precious Lord and Saviour Jesus and trusting Him with all things. Looking forward to more great ideas from you. Be blessed and thanks for sharing your world, faith, and God’s
    love and word.

    • Venessa, I am very sorry for your loss. It has to be a hard time for you and I pray that you see the goodness that God has for you and continue moving in your walk with Him. Only He can make your days shine, don’t allow Satan even one cent of your day, know that God can give you what you need when you turn to Him. Keep referencing scriptures to keep your focus on what God has for you. be blessed. Amy

  6. the link is not working for free e book

    • Hello, I apologize I have gotten rid of that ebook and instead offer many free things around my site. When I first started blogging, I thought my focus should be on getting in more readers and making my subscriber list huge. Then I realized for what? I would much rather have you subscribe because you want to stay connected to my updates instead of getting a one time free book. I have many free things on my site that don’t require you to jump through hoops. Just click and download. I just forgot to update that page. Thank you for letting me know. Enjoy your day!

  7. Thank you so much for your wonderful resources! I homeschool my daughter and we are both excited about having a guide to help us through her home ec course. We are also wanting to learn how to make our own jelly and preserves. Do you offer any help in that area? Thanks again!

  8. Thank you!! Sincerely Verna

  9. Hello, wondering if you can overlap. Photo prints using mod podge. I have tons

    • Yes you can!! My daughter did one like this and it works great. Just be sure to put Modge Podge on each of the pieces to make them stick well and cover well.

  10. I am so excited and THANKFUL to have found your blog! My teenage daughter & I are going to be doing your Home Economics course at home. She goes to public school, but we’ll be doing this on the side. Thank you KINDLY for such a great opportunity! I’m truly so grateful! May God bless you greatly!
    An extremely grateful Mama! ❤️

    • Amy….you made me smile:) I am very happy that you will be able to do this course with your daughter.

  11. What a blessing to have a friend share your site with me. I’ve just begun the homeschool adventure with my three children, your worksheets and teaching style will be a huge blessing to us!
    I thank God for you,

  12. Joanne Blais

    Thank you so much for this great blog and for your free course on Home Economics! My daughter wants so badly to become a chef and we are already looking into Culinary Schools,but I would like to make sure this is something she will continue to enjoy even if things get hard,so having an online course she can do that gives her an idea of what she will be dealing with is so great for us!
    Thank you again!

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