An easy bib idea for baby or little ones

In our household, one of the things that we lose quite often are bibs.  For a few years I did really well keeping 2 bibs in rotation that I just wiped off and reused over and over.  I need to get back to that routine, but for now I am doing something else.

When my little guy is ready to eat, he feeds himself.  He is 1 and everything he eats he makes a mess of.  If I was able to sit and feed each piece of his food to him, he probably would be much neater, but unfortunately around here if you don’t learn to feed yourself at a young age, you might not eat for a bit:)

What I have found works well for us now, is trying to keep his bib wiped off and sitting on his high chair ready to use, but unfortunately I may get sidetracked and lose that bib real quick.  So what do I do when the next snack or meal time rolls around and no bib to be found?  I grab a kitchen towel and a clothespin.  I just wrap it around the front of him and secure it with a clothespin.  Works great.  It absorbs nicely and I can use it to wipe him up as well.


Just my 2 cents for the day.

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  1. For everyday use at home, we did the same thing, but used diaper pins to secure the towel. The only thing my Incredible Hulk of a toddler couldn’t undo!

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