do not eat out this week-encouragement vlog #6

Hey everyone, hope your having a good start to your week.  Your children may have started school or your scrambling around trying to get organized and start your own schooling or maybe you haven’t even thought about it and won’t for a few more weeks….whatever way your Monday has started I pray it has been in a calm, positive, peaceful way.

Hope you enjoy my challenge to you this week…………….Do not eat out!  Wait, did I read that correctly?!!?  Don’t worry, it is only temporary. Remember this is all about changing our habits to create less craziness in our lives.   It is about changing our mode of thinking and being somewhat prepared instead of caving when the pressure comes and you need to eat.

Have a wonderful Monday and remember to be the Momma who SMILES!!!!

2 responses to “do not eat out this week-encouragement vlog #6

  1. i am behind in watching these but catching up now. I did order the book this week and can’t wait to read it!

    • Wonderful! Stay motivated to want to make some changes this year. All to better your life by simplifying:)

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