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Having a large family has made me encounter things that probably don’t bother most people, but become bothersome when serving food for large amounts of people.

One big issue, was drinks.  Getting drinks for 6 little ones takes up extra time.  We solved that by getting every child and adult their own water bottle.  Each child get’s their own before meals and that solves that issue.

Another thing that slows down my time, is getting out silverware from the drawer for every meal.  Now that may not seem like a big deal for most, but when you are scooping out plates and getting out silverware for at least 6-8 children three times every day, it can become more work.

I used to have a nice heavy crock container that fit all of my spoons and forks into it and that set out on my server window in our old home.  It was a great fix for getting out extra silverware but unfortunately it did not make the move in one piece.  Since we moved here, I just put the spoons and forks into the drawers like most people do.  But I have noticed that it has become an issue again, so I decided to do something about it.


I took some cans and pounded down the inside where the metal sticks up from tearing open the can.  I then covered the inner ring with some electrical tape to make sure no one would cut their fingers.  I spray painted them different colors and then hot glued them together.  Don’t be frugal with the glue, coat it nice and thick to hold it tight.  There you go a DIY silverware holder.  Simple and easy.  When meal time rolls around, this sits next to my scooping out area and I just grab what is needed for meals.  Easy—simplified.

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  1. That is not only smart, but looks pretty too. Very cool idea, I’ll have to try it….if we have any paint around here! Thanks for the idea, I also hate grabbing silverware and find I’m ALWAYS asking “can someone grab so-and-so a fork” while I’m doing something else. Thanks!

  2. Do you dish up all the food onto plates, and then take plates to the table?
    I have contemplated doing this, seems simple, but yet, for those needing seconds, they then have to leave the table to get them-
    How do you handle this?
    Passing food around takes forever with larger families, and littles (especially littles with special needs) can’t scoop their own anyway-so we do scoop for them, but usually over the table, and then others can’t sit down as mom and dad are taking up space while scooping:)
    It is challenging figuring out what works for each family so I love hearing what works for others!

    • Hello Chris, we scoop everything from the kitchen counter. Then we serve up plates to little ones. Yes sometimes I am getting seconds and thirds –smile as they are needed, but usually I can “guess” about how much they are going to eat. Usually I stick vegetables on their plates and if they don’t eat the vegetables, they don’t get seconds.

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