diy party pom poms

197These are so simple and cheap to make and also add’s great decorations to any party.  Please forgive my photos, the windows and doors in the basement were covered in blue and purple tablecloths, which did not allow for great photos:)



To make one large pom you will need a package of tissue paper.  I bought the pack of 10 sheets from Hobby Lobby.  We made about 20 of these poms and used the colors purple, black, and white.  The paper was about $1 a package.


For your pom, you unfold your tissue paper to make one giant rectangle.  Then like we were back in grade school we fan fold the tissue paper.178


Make sure to crease your folds neatly.

When you have your paper folded, you need to bind it together in the middle.  I used a pipe cleaner and twisted it tight around the fold.  Then I made a loop so that I could hang my pom with some fishing line.  Don’t worry you will not be seeing this part.


On each end of your tissue paper fold you want to give the ends a nice “cut” look.  I made a simple V shaped cut into the ends of the paper.  I would suggest that you cut them very steep, like I said I made about 20 of these and realized that the narrower the better the look of the pom.  It is okay if your paper is thick and it is jagged, that gives it  a nice look when puffed.


This was the easiest way I found to “puff” my poms.  Hold one half in your hand and then take the upper half and start separating the layers of tissue paper one by one.


Once you have one side complete, flip it over and separate the other side.  Don’t worry if you don’t get them completely separated the first time, you can go back and see what part needs fixing.183

Here are some completed poms.  You could cut your tissue paper smaller to make smaller ones as well.  








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