diy dry erase marker board

This was another gift that I had made for my daughter for Christmas this year.  She wanted something that she could write all her reminders on.  I had saw before where you make a simple one out of a picture frame and a scrapbook page and I thought that was cute, but I wanted something with a little more pizzazz.

I headed to our local Goodwill and found this picture frame.  I then bought individual scrapbook pages that would go together.  I grabbed a package of sticker letters as well.


I then cut them to all fit on the bottom for the days of the week, so she can remember what it is she is going to do each day of the week. I used some stickers in between the days to break it up a little.2013-12-18_00055

At the top I included a spot for her to write any things that she needs to remember.  2013-12-18_00058

I was sure to leave a spot for her “Needs” those are the items that she needs from the store but forgets to remind me.

I really liked this and am thinking of making one for myself.

2013-12-18_00060She really loves horses and so I made her a second dry erase board out of a picture frame, some scrapbook pages, and stickers.

All you do is write on the glass with a dry erase marker and it wipes of completely.  Such a great idea.


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  2. i would thumbtack a dry erase marker to one side of this and a dry eraser to the other side or i would make a frame with these attached via pockets to hang near the boards

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