diy candy buffet for sweet sixteen


A candy bar is a really fun way to help celebrate a special occasion.  We used this one for my daughters sweet sixteenth birthday because candy and teenagers goes hand in hand:)  I apologize for the photos, we had blue and purple tablecloths covering the windows and I didn’t change the settings on my camera–oops.DSCN5219

I chose many different types of candy that my daughter likes and to help fill in the gaps on the table–because candy can become very costly–we made a bunch of chocolate treats.DSCN5214

For our chocolate covered marshmallows we stuck them into a styrofoam ball that we hot glued to a tin can that we hot glued some scrapbook paper to.DSCN5213

For most of the candy containers we used different sizes of Mason jars.  I cut rectangular strips of scrapbook paper that matched her theme and placed them on the bottom inside of the jars to help give it a neat look.  DSCN5212

We also used paper cups filled with popcorn seeds for weight that we stuck our pretzel sticks into.  We labeled all of our treats and candy because we had friends that were coming that needed gluten free treats.  That was simple enough using scrapbook pages cut into different layers and typed from the computer.  DSCN5210

We made signs above all of our stations at the party out of black posterboard that we used glitter and glue to decorate.DSCN5201

One of our treats that we had on our candy buffet was puppy chow.  Instead of putting out a big bowl, we filled up small clear plastic cups so that we could avoid lots of fingers touching the food.DSCN5200

We also made our hamburger cookies.  I think we make these for many fun occasions.  DSCN5199

It is always best to make the messy treats with friends.  Thanks Hannah–on the right and Lauren–birthday girl on the left. DSCN5193

We made chocolate covered marshmallow suckers as well.  We used caramel flavored marshmallows.  Then dipped each side into the different “themed” birthday colors.


It was easiest to make all of our chocolate treats on  parchment paper.  Does not stick at all, compared to the occasional stick from waxed paper.

Since it was really hard to be a perfectionist when dipping each side into the chocolate we decided to “fix’ it by drizzling white chocolate over top and adding some sprinkles.  That way they don’t have to be perfect just look fun.
DSCN5187We made these treats too.  You take a square pretzel and place a Hershey kiss in the middle.  Place in the oven on 350 for about 3 minutes, that is it–I let mine go too long and they got hard too fast.  Immediately place an M&M in the center and push down.  Since ours got harder faster we had to “fix” it by squiggling white chocolate all over it, to hide my mistakes.  They tasted wonderful, but now I know less is best for time.


We made chocolate dipped oreo cookies.  One half we did in chocolate and the other half of cookies we dipped in white chocolate.  That way we had a variety.DSCN5185

We did some zebra striped pretzels.


Of course we had some purple and blue leftover and decided to go a little crazy on the pretzels too.


We wanted to make little candy carrying containers for the teens to gather their candy in and then mingle.  We found these at the dollar store for 12 in a package for $1.  We then hot glued ribbon to the edge of the container to spice it up a bit.


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