Creative ways to teach spelling

Here are some creative ways to help your child learn their spelling words:

  • Use pipe cleaners and letter beads.  String on the words.
  • Alpha bits cereal–a yummy treat afterwards.
  • Cheez-its now has Scrabble letter crackers—another yummy treat.
  • Use old Scrabble letter tiles, or you can buy Bananagrams—look for it at Walmart.  It is a banana shaped cloth holder filled with letter tiles.
  • Fill a resealable plastic bag with paint.  Give your child a qtip to practice writing words on.
  • Put some flour or salt in  a baking pan and have them write their words.
  • Print off words and tape them onto legos.  Have your child stack the words in ABC order.
  • Tape letters on the floor and have them hop to the correct spelling of the word
  • Clap the words for spelling, bounce a ball, or jump to them.
  • They can roll a ball off the roof and catch it and then spell the word.
  • From their spelling list, have them write sentences from some of the words.

Our children get their list on Monday and copy the words.  Tuesday they do a dictation sentence with a few of the words in each sentence.  Wednesday they do ABC order with half of the words for younger ones and all the words for older ones.  Thursday they go through the list and practice any they do not know.  Friday we give a test.  Words that are missed are copied onto the marker board, said allowed, until they know them.  I mark the missed words in my main binder and each month we do a spelling bee with reviewed words.

For the children that do not do well with this style learning, we incorporate the other above methods each week.  Spice it up and don’t make it boring or it will be no fun to learn.  We all like change and can benefit by learning a different way.

Any other creative ways to teach spelling? Be blessed as you go about your day!


4 responses to “Creative ways to teach spelling

  1. southafricanmama

    Great and varied practical ideas. Thanks you and blessings to you.

    • your welcome, I think that sometimes I forget that people just like practical and simple, doesn’t always have to be jazzed up:)

  2. Keep the school stuff coming…..we love it!! 😀

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