copywork and journaling for pre teen boys

I don’t know if your son is like my son, but he just isn’t into “book work” very much and that is okay.  I would rather him, be out doing man things and learning through play and activities.  But once in awhile there are a few things that a Momma has to put her foot down with, when it comes to penmanship, that has to happen sometime in the boys life.

I try and make this as harmless and painless as possible.  Quick and easy or plain and simple.  I bought a composition notebook at the store. I used the regular ruled lines.  This idea is from Donna Young


The way I broke his writing up into is by weekly lessons.  I will have him do penmanship copywork on Monday and Tuesday.  Journaling on Wednesday.  On Thursday I have him doing some commonly misspelled words copywork as well.  That is all for now, I know he will be having more writing in his other classes this year.

I then came up with 80 boy sayings.  Things that are going to help encourage, your young man on his path of life.  Some rules, morals, and values.

After printing them off , cut them up and use a glue stick to stick them down on your notebooks.  I figured I would have him copy each line 8 or 9 times. That took up 40 pages in this book.

Click here to download them.


Then for his journaling, I copied off some story starters for him to write about.  I did 40 of these as well.  Glued them to the top of the page and will let him write as he pleases.  IMG_20140609_235121


Then we had 20 pages left that were empty.  I decided to split each page in half and give him 2 words per week of the commonly misspelled words.  I gave them to him in print and will hope he can copy them in cursive.  Maybe 8 times each.


This will be his writing curriculum for the year.


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  2. I went to print this and the pages have slashes between each word to mark the spaces. I saw in your post up top that there aren’t slashes. Do you have a file without the slashes? Thank you. 🙂 Love this idea!

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  4. Thank you very much for sharing.

    My boy is 5th grade, not really like to write.
    Regarding “Journaling” with the story starters.
    How many words suggests for 5th grade?


    • hello catherine, do you mean how many words to you ” think” he should write? or how many times per week should he write? I personally do a little each day for my fifth grade non writer. But if I had a fifth grader writer, I would probably do it only 2-3 times per week. hope that helps

  5. Dawn Baggett

    This is great! Do-able and great!

  6. Thank you for this. Is there one for middle school girls? If not, I think most of the sayings will still work for a girl, so I will use this anyway. Also, the links for the story starters and misspelled words did not work. Will you be able to fix them or are they gone for good? Thanks again : )

    • Stacy, I am so glad you found that link break. I have been cleaning up my blog all day and deleting old files and things I didn’t think I needed. After I found your comment, I thought, “Oh, I hope I didn’t delete it.” I was very happy to find it for you. They are relinked and should work. I am sorry I don’t have a middle schooler writing one. I will next year. Have a great night and happy printing!!!

  7. Thank you, Amy! The links are working again : )

  8. Thank you for the download, but I’m sorry to feel I must interject here. There are no “man” or “woman” things. Writing is not a “woman” thing any more than playing is just for boys. I’m sorry if someone has convinced you otherwise.

    • I completely agree—I apologize immensely and did not mean for it to sound that way. I’m learning as my different genders grow up that some of the girls like more “traditional guy” things and some of my guys like “traditional girl” things. NOthing wrong with any of that. I apologize for the wording:) I hope you can enjoy. Have a wonderful day!

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