copy work and journaling for 1st or 2nd grader


This year for my two girls who are in about the age of 1st to 2nd grader I decided to make my own copywork  and journaling lessons.  I got this idea from Donna YoungIMG_20140609_150129

I found these books at Walmart.  I wanted something where they could draw a picture if they wanted to as well as write.  If you don’t want to spend the extra $3 just buy regular elementary paper for $1.IMG_20140609_150145For my girls, I was having a harder time finding copywork lessons. I didn’t want them to write out complete bible verses that were long and then by the time they copied them, they might have forgotten some of the words.  I wanted words that were short, preferably all fit on one line, so that they could copy them.  I also wanted them to do some story prompts and then try and finish them.  I know they aren’t super skilled in writing complete sentences but figured they could give it a try this year.

I have included my copy work for them here.  Some of it is just words from the Dolch sight reading list, some of it short bible verses with no references, some are journaling prompts, it is just a mix of everything.  I cut them out and glued on one per page.  It gave me a little over 180 lessons.  This way they can write something each day.  Sometimes they will finish a prompt, other times they will copy a word 5 times to learn how to spell it.  It all depends on what I have included on that day.


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