cooking abbreviations

There are many abbreviations that you will come across as you  are cooking and baking in the kitchen.  Learn these as you will see them quite frequently.


cup                                         =                              c

tablespoon                            =                              T or Tbsp

teaspoon                               =                              t or tsp

ounce                                     =                              oz

pint                                         =                              pt

quart                                      =                              qt

gallon                                    =                              gal

pound                                    =                              lb


dozen                                     =                              doz

baking powder                     =                              bp

baking soda                           =                              bs

hour                                       =                              hr

minute                                   =                              min

package                                 =                              pkg

packet                                    =                              pkt

amount                                  =                              amt