Club sandwiches

This has become one of  our families favorite sandwiches to make and take on the go. Simple and easy to make.

You will need the following ingredients: (amounts depend on how many you want to make)

* Bread, toasted
* Miracle whip
* Turkey or chicken lunch meat
* Cheese slices or we use shredded cheese
* Pickles
* Turkey bacon, cooked
* Tomatoes if in season

My daughter, who is the club sandwich maker in our household makes them as follows:

First start with layer of toasted bread, spread with miracle whip and topped with lunch meat.


Next add cheeseDSCN0395

Top with another layer of toasted bread and miracle whip


Cut a slice of bacon into 3 sections and place on nextDSCN0399

Top with lettuceDSCN0400

Sliced picklesDSCN0401


Lastly top with another slice of bread, toasted, with miracle whip.

Yummy.  We pack these for an easy lunch after church.


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  1. yummmmm looks so good i want to make some of those tonight:)

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