cleaning a bedroom

This is the start of your ability to keep things clean.  If you can keep your room clean, you can become effective in keeping things in your life clean.  It will show your parents your responsibility to things.  So lets begin.

Always begin your day, by making your bed.  It literally takes seconds to make your bed.  Pull your sheets up, and place on your comforter.  Check around your bed and make sure that it is even on both sides.  Fluff your pillow and you are done.  Simple.

Since we are going to be cleaning your room, let’s move around in a clock pattern.  Start at 12 o’clock and move to the right in your room.  Continue around until you end up back at where you began.  Since your bed is a good starting point, let’s finish it.

Underneath your bed.  Yikes, I know there is probably a lot of unnecessary things under here.  I forgot to tell you to grab a trash bag—– get it now.  Remove all the items out of here.  Throw away any trash and find a place for things that do not belong under here.

Move to the right……….

Clean out your nightstand.  Dump out any drawers and wipe down the insides.  Throw away trash, put coins in a jar, and straighten any books or items when placing them back.

Continue moving around the room.

Straighten any electronics equipment, placing discs back in the cases.  Wipe down any screens and tabletops.

This may be a good time to open windows and “air out” your room.  Wipe the windows if needed.

Clean off the tops of your dresser, putting away miscellaneous items.  Find a place for everything.  If everything doesn’t have a place or is unneeded—throw it away.

Clothing—go through your clothing.  Do you have items that don’t fit?  Donate or turn them into rags.  Hang up your shirts—don’t throw them on the floor.  Put your like items together.  If you are a worker—keep your work clothes separate from your nicer shirts—this will ensure that you have some nice clothing that isn’t stained with grease.  If your socks or underwear is ripped and old looking.  Get some new ones, and THROW the old ones out.

Finish up with a vacuuming of the floor.  Go under the bed and into the cracks of your room. Cover the entire floor.

You can keep a candle burning in your room, when you are not able to open a window.  To help with man smells—-if you have any.  Try and open your window at least for a bit each day.  By keeping your room clean and picked up will help smells from accumulating.

It takes a few extra minutes, each day just to pick up your room.  It will impress your parents, impress your girl, and will help your life stay somewhat chaotic-free.

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