Christmas women’s devotional series…….Think outside the manger part 8

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With the Christmas season fast approaching and lots added to our “to do” lists, I wanted to take a moment and help you reflect upon this season.  We as women can get so wrapped up in the “doing” that we forget the “being” part of Christmas time.  I wanted to write this devotional to help us identify with each of the nativity people.  This will be presented in a 10 part series–each day signifying a different person.  You can download it here for the complete devotional to use in your ladies group–includes all scripture NKJV.  Or you can enjoy a new person each day through my blog.  Be blessed as we go about remembering the reason for this season.

Day 8: The donkey

The only scripture reference is that the donkey carried Mary along the journey to Bethlehem. This is my take on the life of the donkey.
This donkey had a hard journey to take. He knew that the end result would be in a stable with fresh soft hay that he could lay down and rest in but he first had to endure to get to that point. He had to walk through rocky terrain, up and down mountains, and he probably was a little inconvenienced by not having enough to drink along the way.
The real hardship was to carry the baggage brought along on this journey. The heavy baggage that was strapped onto his body felt like a ton of bricks was put on his back. Then, to top it all off, they put this pregnant women on top of him! Here he was carrying the weight of the world on his back, traveling along rocky crags, and not seeing the end in sight for quite some time. All this poor little donkey looked forward to, was that soft straw that was lying in the manger.

Has God called you to do a task and you need encouragement from feeling weighed down with the heavy baggage of your calling in life? Know that the end is near. He will provide a season of rest. He will give you a resting ground, a place where you can take off all that baggage and lie down next to the Savior in that soft fresh hay.

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