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FREE reading/phonics program for beginners and dyslexia

Hello everyone, I pray you are having a wonderful day today! Hopefully a little bit of sunshine to brighten your day:)

I was approached by a reader who has a child with dyslexia.  She wanted to copy out my phonics program from my first grade course and add special fonts to help her older child understand phonics better. I said, “For sure!”

She has graciously offered it to post on here for any home use.

If you have a child who struggles with reading or phonics, download this course.  Do one page per day and in a few months, they will be off on a better path to reading.

I don’t know much about dyslexia but she has included special fonts to help with dyslexic readers.  But anyone can use it–the letters just seem a tad bit wider.

I pray this is a blessing to someone else as it is to Anna!  Thank you so much Anna!

Be blessed today and if you want to further your walk of faith, help someone else out.  Look for ways that you can do something, in your own little world.  I always wanted to do something “big” in life. Then I thought, “I am just a stay at home mom with ten children, what can I do?”  Well, I can do a lot from my own little corner of the world.  I may not be out doing big ministry or attending big church events, but if I can encourage one mom who sits at home  like myself, then it makes me smile.  Having this mom take the time out of her life, for her own child, and now to help someone else out there–that shows her heart.  Jesus said in John 13:34:

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

This is how we show the world about Jesus, by loving, edifying, helping out, and encouraging one another not just our own!  That’s awesome.  Enjoy…..

reading final for dyslexia

FREE old testament Bible in 170 days with questions

Hello, hope your week is going well. I am so happy to finally be getting out all of the resources that we will be doing this year.

One thing I wanted to accomplish with my children is to read through the entire old testament.  My children are old enough that this year we will be able to accomplish this. I have divided this up into 170 days worth of study.  We are going to be diving in and doing a lot of read aloud bible study together. I figured I would read from an easier to read version for this course…hmmm any recommendations? Then my older children will answer the questions after we read it aloud. Most every question has the verse number next to it to help them find it easier.

We will also read a Psalm or Proverb each day as well.

All of this will reinforce bible truths for our family. I am excited about this one.  It will be a lot of reading, but  it is something that the Lord has laid on my heart to do this year.  I had to think that we will spend the time reading through worldly read aloud books that aren’t going to benefit their futures very  much, but reading the word of God and being taught wisdom, is going to be much more long lasting teaching for our family. I would much rather choose to fill their minds with God’s word then a worldly fiction book.

This year Old Testament and then the next year we will do the New.

Hope this inspires someone to read through it with their own families.  Be blessed as you go about your day.

click the link for the download

bible old testament

FREE math facts course and spelling/math courses all updated

Hello, hope your all having a fabulous day today. I wanted to let you know of some things that I have updated for my FREE schooling resources.

All of my spelling courses now include a printed version instead of just cursive for grades 3rd-6th. Some of my children did better when I wrote the words out in print, so I just decided to lessen some of my work and make them all print. You can still get the cursive version, the print is now just an option. I fixed a few typos that I noticed through the year as well.

I also fixed my new 5th and 6th grade math that I redid–I forgot to put page numbers on them ?!!?–gasp so that is now finished.

I am also using a math facts speed course.  We do enjoy for speed drill practice but,  I have noticed that some of my children just prefer the pen and paper type tests. So I did a year long review of all the math fact families and I will give them one page per day to do along with their math.

That you can get here math speed test practice for year

or, if you prefer to divide them up differently then I have done, you can print them out according to your child’s needs. get that here=== speed tests individual to print as you would like.

Keep watching for more things………..Be blessed!


FREE 4th grade Spelling course

Okay, I finally have a 4th grade version for spelling words.  Now we have all grade levels!!

You can download this and then print it off.  My suggestion to how you use it:

Monday–copy spelling words

Tuesday-do wordsearch

Wednesday-write a sentence for each spelling word

Thursday-take test

Click the link for the download

4th grade spelling

Here is the link for the teacher’s master list

4th grade master spelling list


Enjoy and watch for more FREE courses this week!

Free course 4th grade Math and Speed tests

Hello, hope your all having a great week! I had a wonderful time with friends this past weekend and now I am back to my eyeballs glued to my laptop–to get this schooling done for our upcoming year! 🙂  I don’t mind, I enjoy it. I am looking at it as investing one time, to have it forever and to be able to help others.

Here is 4th grade math

4th grade math

I also am including speed test drills. I know we use for this a lot, but some of my children enjoy the physical paper tests, so I figured I would include enough pages to correspond with the math curriculum. When I put it together, I will place one page math per day and one page speed tests per day.

4th grade math part 2 speed tests

Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to keep working and will have more courses for next week! Be blessed