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Large family homeschool Valentines day party

Hey everyone, hope your day is going great!  Here is another video I uploaded last week.  Sorry about all the videos and less blog post….I am busy working on some more books…videos are much easier to put together right now:)

Hope you enjoy all the fun things we did.  Be blessed!

Happy Birthday Madelyn turns 7!

Hey everyone, its Monday!!!!  What a busy week we have had between finishing up once a month cooking, three birthday celebrations, and Valentines Day…..I am ready for an easier week.

I posted a new videos from last week and I wanted to share.

This is Madelyn’s 7th birthday celebration if you would like to watch and see …..

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing more. I am currently working on some more homeschool related material that I should have available soon.  Be blessed today and enjoy those babies:) or big babies if they are older:)

Homemade yogurt …..inexpensive, frugal, and good for you:)

Hey everyone, I hope your having a great day.  I am sharing a video on how we make homemade yogurt.  It is something we have done FOREVER.  It is cheap, easy to do, and the children absolutely love it.  I like it too because I know that I am feeding them something good:)  Enjoy!

The second part to my post…..what I did with that HUGE planning and shopping haul…..

Hey everyone, hope your having a great morning.  Here is a video on how I prepped and prepared all that food that I purchased the other day.  I hope you enjoy!  Be blessed.

Planning out a HUGE monthly shopping trip

Hey everyone, hope your having a great week!  I was busy this past week getting all of our meals planned out for the month, then it was a HUGE , did I mention HUGE shopping trip?  Here is a little video on how I planned out and organized our monthly meals.

Hope your enjoy….and have a blessed day today!