candy coated popcorn

This is super easy to make and somewhat of a low calorie snack, depending upon how much you eat:)  I like to make a big batch of it and then if I feel the need to munch on something sweet, I grab some of this.  For the most part I get the air popped popcorn but some of the pieces have chocolate melted on them and it gets rid of that craving for something sweet.

To begin, air pop some popcorn.  I use spray butter and some popcorn salt to lightly salt it.


I then melt some melting chocolate in a pan on the stove.  When it is melted, I drizzle it over the popcorn.


I sprinkle some M&Ms and some Reeses pieces on the popcorn.

I also had some caramel bits and decided to melt those and add to the popcorn.  I added more than the recommended amount to make it thinner, easier for drizzling.


This is the top layer of the popcorn, I have about 2 inches underneath it that are not covered.  Even though it looks like it is packed with candy and chocolate , the majority of it is plain.  I fill up as many flat large containers as I can with popcorn and drizzle on them.


I then keep this in a covered container.  It doesn’t last very long in our home, but I have had it before a week long and it was still fresh.  



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