Can you help me find my Thinking Skills download?

Okay, lets face it.  I am a throw away person.  I don’t like to keep things, I clean out my text messages and emails right away and well sometimes I get rid of things by mistake.

Today I was cleaning out my blog—do people really do that?!?!!?  Well I wanted to try and organize it better, delete unnecessary pages, and go through media files that I had on my site but did not use.  It took me ALL DAY.

Anyways….to the point of this post.  I accidentally deleted my Elementary Thinking Skills course.  Would any of my readers be so kind and send me the PDF file so that I can put it back on my site?  I thought for sure that I would have saved it on my computer, but of course not—I don’t keep things.  “Why would you need them saved in two places?!?!?”

Please forgive me for my inability to keep things:)  Can you help?  I would so appreciate it and so would a couple of readers who have asked me for it.

Thank you so much!  Have a blessed day!

5 responses to “Can you help me find my Thinking Skills download?

  1. I’m so sorry, we are using it this year so I have it printed out , but I checked on my phone and computer, I guess I just printed it and never downloaded it. Surly there is a way you can recover it??? Know idea how though. Praying someone has the pdf for you, all your hard work! Do you at least have hard copy?

    • Hey Jen, no I do not have a hard copy. But I did get it sent to me this morning, so I will be reposting it. Thank you for readers who “keep” things:) Be blessed

  2. BTW Love the newly organized homeschooling resources page!

  3. I have it. Just let me know where to send it.

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