Cabbage vegetable soup…cheap…my go to for weight loss

Hey everyone, I hope your having a great day. It is very  easy to record these videos on how we make meals….so today I did one of a soup that I have made for years.

My cabbage vegetable soup!

When I lost all my baby weight this was a staple in my diet.  I don’t like the word “diet” but it was a meal that I had everyday for lunch and it fills you up and helps you lose those extra pounds.  With some exercise of course:)

Hope you enjoy!

I just finished editing my 7th grade basic skills course and fixed the errors that I have caught this year…I will be onto 8th grade and then I will begin working on high school courses.

Hope you enjoy your weekend…..if you can get outside with your children do so for a half hour.  Even if that means just a walk outdoors all bundled up! It will make you feel so much better with all that fresh air.  I remember wrapping my babies in slings and then wearing my winter coat around them and then layering blankets on top just so I could get out and feel something besides the inside air….it was good.  It made me feel much better.  Now it just takes the motivation by me to get outdoors.  A hard thing to do when all you want to do is stay indoors where it is warm.:)

Enjoy and be blessed!  Amy

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  1. Thank you not only do I need to loose weight but this extremely helpful with three teenage boys and a little girl this series you are doing is blessing our family. looking forward to the next one 😉

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