Breakfast haystacks


We acquired some laying hens this year and we were  excited this week to get an egg from one of them!  It is nice to know that they will start producing eggs and that we will be having an endless supply of them each week. We are only up to two per day, but I know that it will change quickly:)

As a mom, it is nice to have this ongoing supply in the refrigerator if I need to pull out a quick meal to eat.  My family enjoys having breakfast for dinner during the week and now we will be able to add an egg dish to it, instead of just having pancakes or waffles. We may be able to do two meals per week that are breakfast style—-the children will love that!

One of our monthly meals is breakfast haystacks.  Well, I should call it breakfast bowls as it doesn’t actually look like a haystack.  To me, layering food on top of each other would constitute calling it a haystack but to the “normal” person they would call it a breakfast bowl:)IMG_20160627_164021

We take our favorite breakfast foods:

  • biscuits–crumbled
  • shredded frozen hashbrowns
  • crumbled sausage
  • crumbled bacon
  • scrambled eggs
  • shredded cheese
  • country gravy–we use one of those packets and add more water to make it thinner

We then  layer it in each person’s bowl for the meal.  This works well for us as some might like one thing over another.  The little one’s do not like things “layered” so I do their plates like this:

IMG_20160627_163520An easy meal that you can make in a short amount of time.  I like to do all my cooking in the morning and just keep the food warm until dinner time.  I make the eggs up right before we eat, but the rest you can make and keep covered until ready to serve.

Hope you have a blessed day today!

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    • Hey Jen, yes sign up on my home page and then check your spam folder for a confirmation email. You have to confirm to receive the emails:) Have a great week!

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